The Women's Social Media Network

Connecting women globally.

It is a platform for women with dreams and ambitions, looking for a medium to express their thoughts, display their art, sell their products and/or tell their stories.

About Us

Realshepower is world's first online platform for women.


RealShePower is a unique platform that focuses on empowering women to achieve their dreams. This is not your typical networking site with five million members, but one dedicated to connecting, supporting, and encouraging women looking to live more fulfilling lives on their own terms. RealShePower provides a way for them to share their story with other women around the world. We bring to you real stories of real people. 

Your voice, your art, your dream is important to us. It’s our mission to take it to the world. 

Write, create, and advertise with us. 

We’re here to connect women globally.

Inspiring Stories

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What We Do

Safety and Peace

We provide a safe environment to feature your journey, creativity and business idea.

End Violence

We raise awareness and fight against discrimination and other injustices.

Celebrate Achievers

We amplify the voices of women achievers.

Global Community